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Q: How do I register for an auction?

A: Registering for our auctions is easy. All you need to present is a picture ID. Most customers register using a state issued driver's license. State or military picture ID is also accepted.Once you are registered with B.P. Real Estate and Auctioneering LLC. and in our computer system the bid card number you receive is permanent. This # will be associated with your name and will be the same permanent buyer number at all of our auctions. You do however need to REGISTER attendance at each auction to be able to bid or purchase.

Q: Can I register without a license?

A: Yes. You can register to buy, without a state issued DL's, but you will be restricted to CASH ONLY  purchases.

Q; How do I bid or buy at auction?

A; When the auction begins, all you need is the issued bid card number. The floor clerk will hold an item up and a short description will be given. The item beginning price is established when the first bidder holds his or her card up.The auctioneer will work between two (2) bidders. If a item price exceeds the bidders approval or allowance he or she may drop out at any given interval, by declining on the next offered price. Another bidder can then compete for the winning bid and acquire the item when the hammer falls. 

Q: Does the merchandise have a guarantee?

A; Preview and inspection are encouraged!  We try to mention any flaws we notice.NO GUARANTEES  of merchandise. Auction items are sold AS IS WHERE IS !

Q; When can I pay for purchased items?

A: You can pay immediately after the bid is closed on an item. When you are done bidding and ready to leave, simply return to the desk where you checked in and pay the cashier. 

Q':Do I have to stay for the entire auction to bid on one (1) item?

A;No you do not !   Before the auction begins ,see one of the auction employees to obtain an absentee bid sheet. They will be glad to help you complete the form. .The items you are interested in are written on the form along with the price you are willing to pay. The amount you specify will be used as a bid, the same as if you were at the auction! The bidding process remains the same, the amount specified does not mean you will pay that price for items. It only gives the auctioneer a stop amount. The winning bid will be determined by other opposing bids, the same as if you were holding up your bid card with each subsequent incrament. Don't forget-- YOU MUST BE SIGNED IN (REGISTERED) FOR THAT AUCTION.

Q; What types of payment do you take?

A; We take cash and checks with appropriate ID. Check information and signature must be the same as registered buyer.

Q; How do I make arrangement to pick up items too large for my vehicle?

A; Arrangements can be made through the cashier , floor clerk , or auctioneer to pick up large  items later. .Merchandise MUST however be paid for before leaving site.